Overuse of Blue / Corrective Shampoos

I have used pretty much all that there are available when it comes to blue or corrective shampoos that are on the market! Some i love, some not so! For me, the problem is when they’re overused and we are seeing a lot of this at the moment in the salon with clients looking for a brighten up blonde over!

If we could control the level of tone with the shampoo that would be fab but most shampoos are pretty generic and it’s a one fits all approach which as we know, that’s just not how hair works. There then becomes a build up which makes the blonde almost disappear in appearance – it goes flat, dull and almost dry looking!

It’s IMPORTANT to keep the blonde clean and “detoxed” (watch this space!). It’s also IMPORTANT to keep brassy tones at bay, but any corrective product should work alongside a healthy prescribed hair and scalp regime. Think like The Hair Boss and utilise a 4 step hair care regime to combat those known issues.

1. Scrub
2. Shampoo
3. Condition
4. Style

It’s important that your shampoo and conditioner are prescribed to suit your hair type / density / thickness / colour background etc but corrective products should work hand in hand with your regime. You can dip in and out of the regime (none of us have the time to do all 4 steps every time we wash) and try to stick to it once a week at least, we should be doing all 4 steps eg on your girlie night / bath night / time for you night.

It may seem daunting but it can be so rewarding for your hair!

Lisa xoxo

Achieving & Looking after Ice Blonde Hair

The request for ‘ice’ or ‘platinum blonde’ hair is on the up at the moment in the salon & we take our colour process very seriously to achieve a vibrant crystal white colour for our clients.

To achieve the icy blonde colour, one of our colour specialists will lighten all of the hair and then tone. We always try to be realistic with the colouring process and will advise the client on this process which can often take some patience to get to the finished look. It is also important to help maintain the condition of the hair outside of the salon and our stylists will always recommend products for you take home and help achieve this. We advise a take home range called Balmain Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner and often will advise the use of a mask which you can use 1-2 times a week to help strengthen the hair after the lightening process.

Lisa & all of the team absolutely LOVE working with the Illuminating White Pearl Shampoo by Balmain Paris Hair Couture, simply because it improves the clarity and tone of blonde hair and reduces those unwanted brassy tones. It also helps with the condition of your hair, as once your hair has been lightened the hair becomes weak.

Bleached blonde, grey or highlighted hair is high maintenance and does require regular touch ups. This shampoo is enriched with pure violet pigments which help refract the brassy colours you can often see and brightens the hair without making it grey.

We would always recommend using this product for any client who is blonde or lightening their hair colour.

Autumn Hair Dilemas

This time of year your hair gets HIT with all sorts of hair dilemas for a number of different reasons. Just look at our unpredictable weather – One minute the suns shining, the next its pouring with rain!

We tend to now put our central heating back on and out come the jumpers – all of these autumn habits can lead to fluffy, frizzy & overworked unruly locks. Hair can lack moisture this time of year.

Now’s the time to change up your hair regime ever so slightly. Get yourself something like Balmain Moisturising Hair Care Kit.
This has a GREAT shampoo that smells amazing but isn’t heavy and yet does the job. The conditioner is ample for most hair types, but if your hair needs that bit more then i would advise you opt for the Balmain Repair Mask instead. Once a week whack the mask all over and cover it with cellophane – (cellophane keeps the heat in – opens the hair and allows the heat in deeper).

When it comes to styling I like to keep it clean and non heavy. Balmain do a styling cream which is GREAT for those who want a product that will control and define – or if your the type who just want a swish of something at the very end of styling. The Balmain Argan Moisturizing Elixir is the perfect fit for this OR their gorgeous hair perfume. I mean, who doesn’t love BEAUTIFUL smelling hair!!

Hair perfume is FAB for next day hair! When you wake up and that fluff is back, spritz a smidge of the hair perfume and lightly Re-blow dry. It smoothes the hair back down ever so slightly without making it heavy

When it comes to using heat appliances with your stying, be careful but don’t avoid. All of the above will allow you to use electrical styling appliances and lets face it, not many hairdressers would ever dry without finishing off with a wand or a straightener. Just choose the right tool for the look you want to create and PROTECT the hair – More on this in next Months blog!

Lisa xx

Introducing Hair Doctor @ Home

Hair Doctor At Home…

Hair Doctor at Home is an exclusive and discreet service.

This is something we offered on a regular basis in our London Salon and a lot of celeb clients will only have their hair done this way!

Lisa herself, or one of our team can visit you in the comfort of your own home and give you that 1-2-1 service. It does come with a price tag but for some, this is as exclusive as it gets!

Email info@lisashepherd.co.uk for more information on this @home service!

My Holiday Hair Tips!

My Holiday Hair Tips…

Holiday Hair can be totally gorgeous or it can be hell! Firstly, around now, we are all jetting off on our holidays and often wonder DO we get our hair coloured before we go or when we get back?! This is probably THE most asked question I have.

I always say the same – WHO wants to go away with Naff Hair? And so,  getting your hair done before you go isn’t the issue its more about what you do with it whilst your away!

Whether you’re a blondie, a red head or a brunette, the sun will still hit the hair all the same and so I offer the following advice…

RULE 1 is to try and keep your hair protected throughout the day – get a good old hair mask and lavish it on. Whack your hair up in a bun and leave the mask in all day! Sun / Heat expands hair slightly and so the mask will penetrate hair even better so you’ll have super moisturised locks by the end of the day.

OR if you’re a pool Babe – that mask will be washed out in and instant! So if this is you I would make sure to always re-apply. There are also tonnes of UV sprays for hair nowadays so protect away!

THE most important thing when you come in at the end of the day is SHAMPOO the rubbish out! Most people think the conditioner is the key but it’s not! So a good detox shampoo then a nice thick luxury hair mask! If you find a hair mask too heavy then use its equivalent in a milk or a crème/mousse. The important thing is the combination of both the detox and the moisture!

I’d make the Hair Salon your first visit on your return home. Post holiday treatments are BIG and IMPORTANT.

We offer our clients a super detox colour corrective service, if needed, then a luxury recovery mask!

Eh voila – holiday done good… to be honest in most cases I LOVE what the sun does to the colour I just inhale at what it sometimes does to the condition.

Hope that helps!

Lisa xx

Want to know more?

Give us a call on 01562 748833 or email us below, where one of our team will happily talk you through our post summer holiday treatment!

Achieve volume & length with our Root Mimic Tape Extensions #ExpressExtensions

Achieve volume & length with our Root Mimic Tape Extensions #ExpressExtensions

I am absolutely loving the latest extension craze ‘Root Mimic Tapes’ introduced to our Salon as #ExpressExtensions. All celebs and fashion icons are going this route too, for that perfect short term volume!

I am absolutely loving the latest extension craze ‘Root Mimic Tapes’ introduced to our Salon as #ExpressExtensions.

The tape hair extensions are in my opinion the best method on the market at the moment foradding legth and volume short term! Celebs and fashion icons are all using tape in hair extensions for that same reason!

They are super fast to apply, easy to maintain and feel weightless – a perfect switch up from clip in hair extensions or more
permanent individual extensions.

The tape hair extensions are non-damaging and very low maintenance. They are made from the highest quality Russian Mongolian hair and replicate human hair root growth.

Generally they can last between 4 – 12 weeks depending on the individual and care that has been taken but make a totally affordable perfect way to add in that extra volume for the Summer months in particular!

Want to know more?

Give us a call on 01562 748833 or email us below, where one of our team will happily talk you through what is involved and costs suited to what you will need!


Due to recent changes with health & safety guidance, we will now require a skin allergy test on every client who has:

  • Used Home Dye kits
  • Had COVID-19 since their last colour appointment
  • Never had a colour service with us before
  • Have a colour appointment coming up

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and further immunisations, there is potential that you could be more sensitive to certain ingredients and processes involved in professional salon colouring. These skin allergy tests are required 48hours before your appointment but no more than 5 days before. 

Failure to do this will unfortunately result in your appointment being rescheduled, which we of course don’t want after this long wait! We will not be able to perform a colour service if you have not had your allergy skin test recorded and checked by our team. 

We don't want to make this difficult, but our priority is your safety. To book in for your skin test when we are open, please book online.