Extensions need removing but can’t get to the Salon?

We are aware that salons and stylists have suspended service at this time, due to the potential health risks and we completely agree that no one should take any risks at this time. 

Whilst during normal times, we advise that bonded extensions should be kept in for 5 months and tape extensions for 6 to 8 weeks, as long as. you continue with your maintenance regime of daily brushing and separating around the attachment areas, you should experience no adverse effects from the extensions staying in over the usual recommended wear time. 

These are exceptional times and we would urge you to maintain rather than attempt removal via any other means that with a professional certified extensionist. The potential to cause damage to your hair due to non-professional removal is a genuine risk and therefore we would never endorse this. 

Please be assured, we want to ensure you are protected and the safest advice is offered to get through these unprecedented times. Full details on how to help maintain your extensions can be requested from your stylist or sent to you, please get in touch at info@lisashepherd.co.uk if you require further information. 

Lisa & The Team xx 


Due to recent changes with health & safety guidance, we will now require a skin allergy test on every client who has:

  • Used Home Dye kits
  • Had COVID-19 since their last colour appointment
  • Never had a colour service with us before
  • Have a colour appointment coming up

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and further immunisations, there is potential that you could be more sensitive to certain ingredients and processes involved in professional salon colouring. These skin allergy tests are required 48hours before your appointment but no more than 5 days before. 

Failure to do this will unfortunately result in your appointment being rescheduled, which we of course don’t want after this long wait! We will not be able to perform a colour service if you have not had your allergy skin test recorded and checked by our team. 

We don't want to make this difficult, but our priority is your safety. To book in for your skin test when we are open, please book online.