This time of year your hair gets HIT with all sorts of hair dilemas for a number of different reasons. Just look at our unpredictable weather – One minute the suns shining, the next its pouring with rain!

We tend to now put our central heating back on and out come the jumpers – all of these autumn habits can lead to fluffy, frizzy & overworked unruly locks. Hair can lack moisture this time of year.

Now’s the time to change up your hair regime ever so slightly. Get yourself something like Balmain Moisturising Hair Care Kit.
This has a GREAT shampoo that smells amazing but isn’t heavy and yet does the job. The conditioner is ample for most hair types, but if your hair needs that bit more then i would advise you opt for the Balmain Repair Mask instead. Once a week whack the mask all over and cover it with cellophane – (cellophane keeps the heat in – opens the hair and allows the heat in deeper).

When it comes to styling I like to keep it clean and non heavy. Balmain do a styling cream which is GREAT for those who want a product that will control and define – or if your the type who just want a swish of something at the very end of styling. The Balmain Argan Moisturizing Elixir is the perfect fit for this OR their gorgeous hair perfume. I mean, who doesn’t love BEAUTIFUL smelling hair!!

Hair perfume is FAB for next day hair! When you wake up and that fluff is back, spritz a smidge of the hair perfume and lightly Re-blow dry. It smoothes the hair back down ever so slightly without making it heavy

When it comes to using heat appliances with your stying, be careful but don’t avoid. All of the above will allow you to use electrical styling appliances and lets face it, not many hairdressers would ever dry without finishing off with a wand or a straightener. Just choose the right tool for the look you want to create and PROTECT the hair – More on this in next Months blog!

Lisa xx