My Holiday Hair Tips…

Holiday Hair can be totally gorgeous or it can be hell! Firstly, around now, we are all jetting off on our holidays and often wonder DO we get our hair coloured before we go or when we get back?! This is probably THE most asked question I have.

I always say the same – WHO wants to go away with Naff Hair? And so,  getting your hair done before you go isn’t the issue its more about what you do with it whilst your away!

Whether you’re a blondie, a red head or a brunette, the sun will still hit the hair all the same and so I offer the following advice…

RULE 1 is to try and keep your hair protected throughout the day – get a good old hair mask and lavish it on. Whack your hair up in a bun and leave the mask in all day! Sun / Heat expands hair slightly and so the mask will penetrate hair even better so you’ll have super moisturised locks by the end of the day.

OR if you’re a pool Babe – that mask will be washed out in and instant! So if this is you I would make sure to always re-apply. There are also tonnes of UV sprays for hair nowadays so protect away!

THE most important thing when you come in at the end of the day is SHAMPOO the rubbish out! Most people think the conditioner is the key but it’s not! So a good detox shampoo then a nice thick luxury hair mask! If you find a hair mask too heavy then use its equivalent in a milk or a crème/mousse. The important thing is the combination of both the detox and the moisture!

I’d make the Hair Salon your first visit on your return home. Post holiday treatments are BIG and IMPORTANT.

We offer our clients a super detox colour corrective service, if needed, then a luxury recovery mask!

Eh voila – holiday done good… to be honest in most cases I LOVE what the sun does to the colour I just inhale at what it sometimes does to the condition.

Hope that helps!

Lisa xx

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