I have used pretty much all that there are available when it comes to blue or corrective shampoos that are on the market! Some i love, some not so! For me, the problem is when they’re overused and we are seeing a lot of this at the moment in the salon with clients looking for a brighten up blonde over!

If we could control the level of tone with the shampoo that would be fab but most shampoos are pretty generic and it’s a one fits all approach which as we know, that’s just not how hair works. There then becomes a build up which makes the blonde almost disappear in appearance – it goes flat, dull and almost dry looking!

It’s IMPORTANT to keep the blonde clean and “detoxed” (watch this space!). It’s also IMPORTANT to keep brassy tones at bay, but any corrective product should work alongside a healthy prescribed hair and scalp regime. Think like The Hair Boss and utilise a 4 step hair care regime to combat those known issues.

1. Scrub
2. Shampoo
3. Condition
4. Style

It’s important that your shampoo and conditioner are prescribed to suit your hair type / density / thickness / colour background etc but corrective products should work hand in hand with your regime. You can dip in and out of the regime (none of us have the time to do all 4 steps every time we wash) and try to stick to it once a week at least, we should be doing all 4 steps eg on your girlie night / bath night / time for you night.

It may seem daunting but it can be so rewarding for your hair!

Lisa xoxo