Colour Correction

Correction of any colour is a highly skilled and delicate process. Only Lisa Shepherd herself or her Colour Directors are able to perform these services. It will take time, patience and numerous visits to get to the required end result. It’s also worth noting from a cost perspective that most colour corrections need at least one further “follow up” appointment within 4-6 weeks following the first correction appointment to ‘balance out’. It’s impossible to quote for this service over the phone so in house consultations are required. Call us to book or come and see us for further clarification. You’re in safe hands.

Price Changes & Discounts

We are delighted to allow and encourage discounts for 11 months of the year. However, unfortunately these discounts can only ba taken MON-THURS throughout December and are subject to availability.

Please make sure we have up to date details for you e.g. Mobile and Email address – this will enable us to contact you with all our monthly offers and promotions

Express Services are a Walk-In Service and are on a first come first serve basis. Whilst we offer these 11 months of the year we are not able to offer these services throughout December

All  corporate discounts will be reviewed as part of our annual business review as well as stylist levels and prices. Please check with your stylist if you require any clarification.

Discounts do not apply to the following services : Express Services, Childs Cuts, treatments, retail.

Discounts can not be used in conjunction with any other offers

Clothing Policy

As we are Colour Specialists and a Colour Corrective salon, it is with courtesy that we ask you to consider your clothing and jewellery worn at the time of your appointment.

Whilst we try our very best to not get colour materials on your clothing sometimes accidents do happen. Likewise with jewellery, in particular earrings, whilst we do encourage clients’ to remove their jewellery, it is at their discretion.

As a company we cannot take responsibility for marked clothes or lost jewellery – please bear this in mind.

We do use fully protective gowns, towels and cover capes which are accessible to each and every staff member.

Thank you for your understanding and co operation regarding this matter.

Cancellation & Skin Testing Policy

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at 50%.

All clients are requested to have a skin test at least 48 hours prior to their first colour appointment and annually thereafter.


  • Memberships cannot be shared and are non-transferable
  • Memberships are a 12 month contract that can commence at any time Jan-Dec
  • Silver memberships include a maximum of 9 cut & style appointments over the entire calendar year.
  • Gold memberships include a maximum of 9 colour services and 9 cut & style appointments over the entire calendar year.
  • Memberships will commence on the 1st  purchase day of the month in which they are bought and will expire one calendar year later (all appointments must be taken during that calendar year or appointments will be lost – non transferable)
  • Fibreplex/Olaplex is available as an upgrade for an additional cost of £15 per application.
  • Stylist upgrades dependant on availability.
  • Appointments with our Creative Director, Lisa Shepherd, are not included in any of these memberships.
  • Colour correctional work and three tier colour appointments are not included under a gold membership package but can be upgraded by arrangement.
  • No shows/late arrivals will be classed as a deduction (15 minutes after booking time) and will only be accommodated if stylists are free


Express Colour Bar

Express colour bar appointments are offered to regular clients’ wanting top-up  maintenance appointments between main colour services. Therefore the following T&C’s apply:

  • Express Colour Bar appointments can be booked no more than 4 weeks after a main colour service

  • We offer a WE DYE YOU DRY but only with LS purchased brushes/equipment due to contra-indications
  • Only 1 Express Colour Bar appointment is allowed between full colour appointments

  • No Express Colour Bar appointments can be taken in December

  • Only 1 express service to be booked at any one time