Processed with MOLDIV

Thicker fuller hair is on most people’s SS17 wish list! This mid way bob “the MOB” has naturally evolved from just growing out the old bobs and chobs – what ever next i hear you ask? BUT… the key to getting this look right is only achieved by adding in a small amount of fake hair!

Grown out, mussy, (nope that’s not a typo) dressed down texture is the way to get this look right and is way easier to achieve with the right amount of hair added. The ends must never be blunt cut, they have to be ‘tapered” out thus leaving this super soft almost irregular edged finish.

The best thing about this look is it’s SO relaxed that once it’s achieved the down time is seriously low maintenance, but like most natural looking stuff its far harder and needs a Pro to create.

LESS IS MORE is always my motto and so the colour is relaxed and almost vintage and the hair that is added is almost invisible and is only really there to support your natural hair. Doing it this way you can add the exact colour you’ve always wanted without doing any damage to your natural hair whatsoever …

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