This remains one of the key looks for this SS17. It’s simple, gob-smackingly gorgeous but above all pretty easy to manage. Our “how to” on this is one of two ways!

Find your self a ” balayage specialist” who can combine baby lights and balayage from the mussy mouse root leading to vanilla blonde mid way and ends, any of my team know how to achieve this but its not quite a simple as it sounds. Someone has to work with  “light but precise colour brushing”  to smudge the roots and blurr out the edges to get the under stated beauty of this. Less is More!

If all else fails or your hair is too short or too fine to achieve this then “fake it” We work with a company called Great Lengths who do fab fake hair strands called flow strands, they come pre coloured to an ombré of your choice and can be added within your own hair to become almost invisible but giving you an new abundance of thicker fuller ready to wear hair.

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