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The Ultimate Hair Destination

With a heritage of first class and award winning hair colour, LISA is the ultimate hair destination. A dream team, working alongside an amazing world-class colourist. Lisa herself is dedicated to making every client feel the LISA love and leave the salon feeling in love with their hair and the way it makes them feel.

The team are balanced by different levels of experience thus leading to varying price levels – we suggest you select your team member primarily based on their experience needed to create your colour and style but also we try to be budget sensitive – (the higher the level the more experience that team member has) if you need help selecting your perfect match don’t hesitate to give reception a call on 01562 748833


Our Directors are fully competent in advanced cut and colour and have completed a Master Colour Degree alongside being a key member of the Lisa Shepherd Polishing Program.



Our Specialists have completed The Lisa Shepherd Polishing Program and are competent and confident in all aspects of cut, colour and colour correction. They are Balayage Specialists.


Senior Stylists

Our Senior Stylists have been on the salon floor for over 12 months+ and are in the midst of completing the Lisa Shepherd Polishing Program which teaches them how to do it “The Lisa Way”.

They are competent in both cutting and colour to a high level but services are still over seen by Lisa or a Salon Director.


New Stylists / Graduates

Our New Stylists have been on the salon floor for less than 12 months and/or are new to joining the Lisa Shepherd team. They are fully qualified and competent in all areas of basic hair dressing but are currently building up their skills, knowledge and speed.

Our New Stylists will not be competent in advanced colour at this stage. Our Graduates are still in training but have been signed off on certain criteria, they have all their work overseen by a senior member of staff and we offer a 20% discount to allow for their extended time taken – they only perform basic skills (e.g. roots blow dry’s) but will be brilliant at that.



These are the heart and soul of the business! They work very hard, they give the most Hairmazing head and scalp massages and are always around if you should need them.



Overuse of Blue / Corrective Shampoos

I have used pretty much all that there are available when it comes to blue or corrective shampoos that are on the market! Some i love, some not so! For me, the problem is when they’re overused and we are seeing a lot of this at the moment in the salon with clients...

Dreams do come true – The Hair Boss Launch

One of my BIGGEST achievements last year was the announcement and launch of The Hair Boss. This has been such a long time coming! I've worked on this for such a long time, i'm talking YEARS! I have almost launched something so many other times, yet something or...

A beautiful 2019 with Balmain Hair UK

What an amazing year I had working with Balmain Hair UK! My first 6 months with the Balmain family has been FAB! They are such a tightly run team but with a BIG family feel, just how I like it! We've done some GREAT colour work together and we here on the salon floor...




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