As it is the month of LOVE, I thought it was a great time to discuss the importance of Self Care and putting YOU first! Loving yourself!

In all my years it has taken me so long to master this, but you just have to learn to say NO! It took me a long time but I now I find it much easier to balance my life.

I also love QUIET! Quiet time is essential for a sound mind offering clear thinking time. I learnt how to breathe properly and it makes me laugh typing this because we all know how to breathe right? Even so, i find that sitting quietly and focusing on deep rhythmic breathing really works for me.

Do you struggle to make time for yourself? Don’t feel guilty about it, but try to set a goal by spending 30 minutes a week in silence, with a book or even writing down your goals. It is amazing what a bit of ‘Self Care’ can do for the mind!

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Lisa xx