Colouring & Cutting Curly Hair

It is a completely different thing to cutting normal, straight European hair. I do not think there are a lot of people that can really grasp what to do with curls, and certainly i think anybody with curly hair knows that. A lot of the time, people with curly hair dread coming into a salon, especially due to the way people may simply just dry it for them or not dry it may be the case.

Colouring curly hair is very different in the sense that you have really got to be quite gutsy with the colour, otherwise it will just vanish into the hair. You can spend ages putting all of the colour in, wash it off at the basin, take the client to section and its gone. There is then disappointment for you and also to the client.

So, there is just ways of mixing up the different weaves you put in. It is all about the placement, it is everything when it comes to colouring curl.

I tend to cut curl in a very relaxed way and almost technically ’incorrectly’, but from a client’s perspective they love it! This is because the hair looks lived in, relaxed and it does not look like it has been done by a hair dresser, but equally the haircut still has balance.

Curl is a huge subject in it’s entirety and those with curly hair do need that extra bit of help maintaining and looking after it.

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