The Creative Director…

The most awarded and profiled colourist in the UK today, it is here in Kidderminster that Lisa Shepherd brings together her heritage hairdressing that has made her a name as one of Britain’s top colourists for the past two decades.  

There is no single colour expert in the country with more accolades and awards to their name (including the prestigious Midlands Hairdresser of the Year, British Colour Technician of the Year and British Hairdresser of the Year) and, of course, a TV career as the nation’s favourite colourist on 10 Year’s Younger.  

Lisa’s passion and love for colour endures today and it is this that ensures that your love affair with colour is at the heart of this destination salon.

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Lisa Shepherd

The History…

Lisa Shepherd Salons have always been and always will be the midlands Mecca for anyone needing first class and fabulous hair colour.

Lisa proudly admits that she has nurtured, trained, invested and bought forward some of the finest hairdressers in this area but now this team at the #Supersalon are different.

They have Lisa by their side daily gaining her first hand knowledge and fast track access to all the latest hair technology and new product innovations.

She holds their hands in all areas of technical expertise and you can in no way walk away less than impressed.  Over the next few months she wants to spotlight this team, and first up is Laura Bentley!

Check out the #Supersalon team >

Lisa Shepherd

The Hair Doctor…

Known so well as THE HAIR DOCTOR with her Industry experience and many award wins to her name, Lisa dedicates her time to advising and sharing her tips for all things Hair & Colour….

Should You Colour Your Hair At Home?

Should You Colour Your Hair At Home? I get asked this question almost every day and in fact yes i do think people can colour their hair at home but it has to be within reason. Being a colour correction specialist, what i see people doing wrong most of the time is they...

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#the modern mouse

The Modern Mouse...This time of year is a great time to lighten up but with our modern mouse it's all about the placement and the tone. To create this look we #blendblonde midway and decorate the hairline but with essential warmer tones.Our...

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Does your Post-Holiday Hair Need A Rescue?

Does your post-holiday hair need a rescue? The colour of your hair may be pretty, but the condition will be parched! "Holiday hair can have it's good points & I quite like what the sun does to hair on the outside but on the inside the hair needs urgent TLC." -...

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A New Hue for You

For just £99 you can get a new hue – just for you! Check out some of LISA’s favourite hue’s & how to achieve those looks. Book yourself in today!

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