#LISALOVES is where we let you in on our little secrets, our life loves, or our trends of the moment… a gorgeous pair of shoes, a stunning note book, a glorious colour technique, an envied perfume or a to-die-for dress.

It’s our homage to all that goes on in this crazy world of hair, fashion, beauty and life…

What’s Hot Right Now…

Lisa Loves… The Luminous Blonde Summer Set by Balmain Hair UK

Do you feel that you need a bit of a lift or your blonde is feeling a little dull & not quite in need of colouring?

Look no further! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Balmain Luminous Blonde Summer Set at the moment, it is GORGEOUS! This little duo set is a super simple solution to clean up your blonde & give it the lift it deserves.

If in between your colour appointments you are due a cut, that is the perfect time to treat yourself to this duo to reignite your blonde. It cleans it out, brightens it back up and stops that yuck brassiness from coming through.

The sun protection spray is an absolute must for me and is something that both Lola and I used when we were away this year. It smells divine but most importantly it just stops any crispy blonde! When you are away you have to keep your hair supple and moisturised and lots of people don’t want to use a cream so this being in a spray format is easy to apply and does what it says on the tin!

Defo a recommendation from me!

Lisa xx

Lisa Loves… Balmain Hair UK!

I am so excited to be announced as The new Brand Ambassador and Creative Influencer for Balmain Hair UK! As part of the collaboration we will be stocking the full Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection including colour, care, styling, electricals, accessories, extensions and hair additions! I can honestly say Balmain has been on my radar my whole career. I like strong sexy stuff, and the brand epitomises that. I have always begged my stylists to bring Balmain fashion to all of my shoots! When i heard they were looking to launch a salon colour collection I skipped for joy! To be able to be with a brand that is cool, comprehensive fashion forward and innovative with products is right up my street! This is a role to relish & we can’t wait to start this journey with them!

Lisa Loves… Being A Mum!

I have always been lucky enough in my life to adore my day to day job, but nothing compares or even comes close to being a Mum! I think I do a great job. Both of my children are self confident, yet not cocky nor arrogant. They are smart, clever, funny, sharp but above all they are kind. I have always said I don’t care what grades you get, as long as you have given it your very best shot!

Being a mum can be hard but take every day as it comes & you will do just fine!

Lisa xx

Lisa Loves… Self Care Indulgence

Talking more about Self Care & what I love to do to take a few minutes out from day to day life, I thought I would look at what products i use to help me unwind and relax. Here are a few things I recommend:

1. Good skincare

You can’t beat a good skin care routine, whether it be face, body, hands, there is nothing better than slathering yourself in rich, beautiful creams to suit your skin. Feel nourished, moisturised and pampered! My fave brand for Skincare has got to be La Mer.

Their moisturisers visibly smooth, plump and soothe fine dry lines leaving you feeling hydrated and renewed.

2. A nice warm bath & essential oils

I absolutely LOVE having a bath with essential aromatherapy oils to really relax my body and mind.

3. Surround yourself in beautiful fragrance

I can’t think of anything better than to light some candles and switch off! My favourite treat for lovely fragrance around the house and even at work is Jo Loves.

Scented candles are my ultimate go to. Nothing else compares to Jo Loves or Jo Malone!

Lisa xx

Lisa Loves… Caring For Your Hair

There is nothing i’m more passionate about (other than my kids of course!) than HAIR HAIR HAIR. It is so important to not spend more time loving yourself, but also taking time to LOVE YOUR HAIR!

Lived in, sexy, feminine low key hair will always be my thing but it always has to have the element of ‘undone sexiness’ about it and of course GREAT COLOUR is essential!!

As for #SelfHairCare products, I like clean hair but with support and/or a good finish. Products such as Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray is THE best dry texturiser EVER!!

Your hair will go from L to XXXXXXL with just a few sprays in the right place! I love that stuff!

Lisa xx