Pick me… Luke@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

With over 9 years’ experience in hair I’m totally devoted to my craft. I’m fun and chatty but also, I listen to every word my clients’ say to me. I see my job as being here to give you the best hair you’ve had but also to educate you on how to keep it that way. My method is to treat every clients’ visit as though it’s the first time they’ve ever been regardless of whether they’re an existing regular client or brand new, this way keeping you and your hair colour and style completely current and right for you and your lifestyle.

#dedicated #creative #honest #educate

Pick me… Chelsey@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

Whilst I’m only young I feel that training directly under Lisa Shepherd and the team gives me an edge on other hairdressers my age. Whilst I love to colour and cut my passion is also for hair enhancements. I’m fully trained in extensions which gives me an added extra to offer to all my clients to achieve amazing hair.

#EagerToClimbTheLadder #BigHairDontCare #Fresh #Young #Current #GraduatedBobs #HairEnhancements #EnhanceWhatYouveAlreadyGot

Pick me… Amy@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

As one of the colour directors im devoted to all things hair colour but I’ve also now been labelled as the salon ‘extension Queen’. I think my background in colour has aided me in selecting the exact colour match for my extension clients’ as well as being able to create a seemless blend between their natural hair and their hair enhancers. Now I’ve spent with Lisa Shepherd herself, I feel like my finishing skills are now the best they’ve ever been. My main focus though is always looking after my clients’ and if you love a cup of tea and a natter then I’m your go-to-girl!!

#Passionate #Motivated #Ambitious #Enthusiastic #ColourDevotee #GoGetter #ThirstForKnowledge

Pick me… Fran@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

I’m addicted to fashion! So, I’ll be the one you see in the salon wearing the latest trends in both my clothing and hair. My cutting skills are sharp and precise yet my colour skills are soft and seamless; giving you the perfect combo to give you “hair envy” status.

#Young #OnTrend #BigBlowDrys #LongHair #BlondeBalayages #Fashion #LiveLife #HairContour #Affordable #Treated

Pick me… Charlotte@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

I’m devoted to the complete look but colour and aftercare are my thing. I enjoy educating my clients once I have delivered an immaculate colour and cut. You won’t be left disappointed!

#lovezcolour #loyal #colourdegreed #breadandbutterworker #incentivedriven #onetoone #downtoearth

Pick me… Laura@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

I’m known as the ‘Brand Angel’, having been by Lisa’s side for the last 15 years. I’m super loyal and committed not only to Lisa but to the Company; delivering our brand ethos both in the salon and out.

I like to be efficient, whether you want to chill or be out in an hour I’m your girl!

I like to break rules but with full respect for the hair. I’m caring, considerate with an edge of suggestion for a different look on every appointment, I never take my clients visit for granted. Whether it’s a tweak of colour, a soft, sexy sweepy fringe or a complete restyle, I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

#Fun #ColourAddict #Fresh #DareToWear #KardashianKrazy #Loyal #Classic