Dreams do come true – The Hair Boss Launch

One of my BIGGEST achievements last year was the announcement and launch of The Hair Boss. This has been such a long time coming! I’ve worked on this for such a long time, i’m talking YEARS! I have almost launched something so many other times, yet something or someone stopped me along the way for various reasons!

I’ve always been led by my intuition and for me the brand is so much more than me! The team HAD to be right! I wanted a British team who are just as dedicated and passionate about haircare as I am! I feel i have always had the ability to see gaps in the market and this growing product range certainly was needed! The team I now have behind me are super reactive and knowledgeable enough to get the job done right and over and above all. These products and everything planned thereafter are FAB and all have a reason to be on a shelf – we have HUGE plans for this little brand so keep um peeled!

Products are currently being rolled out in Superdrug stores across the UK! Be sure to tag us in if you spot us on the shelves, or better still give us a go!

Head over to www.thehairboss.co.uk and sign up for product launch info, news and hair tips!

#the modern mouse

The Modern Mouse…This time of year is a great time to lighten up but with our modern mouse it’s all about the placement and the tone. To create this look we #blendblonde midway and decorate the hairline but with essential warmer tones.Our lightening cream is much kinder on the condition of your hair and the finishing gloss is like lip-gloss for hair. So, if your mousey and fancy being brightened up give us a call:01562748833 or book online for lights and a gloss/www.lisashepherd.co.uk

Hairdressers Journal: Lisa Shepherd Turns Life Changing Illness into a Business First

As featured in The Hairdressers Journal….

Lisa is one of the country’s best-loved hairdressers, acclaimed for her colour know-how, savvy business skills and an ability to make women feel fantastic about themselves. However, Lisa’s career was almost cut short, when a terrifying incident left her physically unable to work in the one place she’d always felt most at home: the salon.

In December 2016, Lisa suffered a Tonic-Clonic seizure, once known as a grand mal. Lisa suffered impact to her head which led to concussion, but beyond that, the episode also caused lasting damage to her vestibular system – the sensory system which helps with balance and spatial orientation. On top of this, Lisa now also suffers from light-sensitive epilepsy.

This incident meant that salon life no longer felt like an option for Lisa, despite it being the place she most wanted to be. Visual stimulants like colours, light and motion caused intense physical pain, while anxiety and panic attacks also flared up in the now-hostile surroundings.

Recalls Lisa: “The seizure happened on 1 December and anyone in our industry knows how busy Decembers are, so I didn’t even have the next day off. It’s a difficult illness to understand and so at the time I had no idea what was going on so I soldiered on from the very next day.

“I found I could do static, standing work such as colouring and cutting, but I couldn’t cope with any type of movement such as blow drying. I couldn’t manage the movement of the hair dryer. Luckily all my clients have been with me for years so I was honest and just did what I could and had my team to help me do what I couldn’t. Everyone was super understanding and it quickly became apparent what I couldn’t cope with. As the tests came in I researched and educated myself to understand what it was I was dealing with.”

With a lifelong love of hairdressing and a problem-solving business brain which had already seen her launch smart initiatives like the Color Bar, Lisa decided to take matters into her own hands and radically alter her salon to make it a place where she – and others living with similar illnesses – would feel safe and welcome.

Lisa’s game-changing low sensory salon includes a series of smart initiatives, all designed to provide alternatives to standard facilities.

“It wasn’t a huge job at all, but a focused one until it felt right,” says Lisa. “The changes happened bit by bit depending on how my body and brain felt and reacted, lighting and re-painting were the initial things that needed to change. I re-educated the team on their vestibular and sensory knowledge and they have to know what to say and do if someone has an episode. Often with any sensory issue all someone needs to cope with an episode is peace and quiet. At the beginning, I was having episodes daily, if not hourly and those times I needed a dark, low sensory, silent room. So, my office was converted into this space, a safe place.”

The changes have proved a massive hit with clients, old and new. “They love the changes,” says Lisa. ”Existing clients all commented on how calm and spa-like it felt. Everyone that comes to the salon has an experience that is stress-free and calm, exactly how a salon should be.”

The spa-like environment has also attracted new clients Says Lisa: “Positive mental state is hugely important with a sensory issue or chronic illness, especially when it’s an invisible one and so, as many of us professionals know, the power of having great hair can actually make someone feel a million dollars even if they feel shocking inside. Once I’d joined VEDA (Vestibular Disorder Association) and started sharing my story it inspired people to come and trust me. It’s honestly been one of the most rewarding times for me, I do still get quite emotional about it because I can see and most defiantly feel their pain.

“As an industry, we could be more aware of mental health and chronic illness. We could be a lot more helpful. My aim to raise awareness of just how many people are alienated from a salon experience and we have it in our hands to change this and make the salon a positive experience and a safe place for them.”

Matthew Batham

Hairdressers Journal

To read the full article, click here (source: Hairdressers Journal Interactive)

The Kidderminster Shuttle: “Debilitating illness sees acclaimed Kidderminster hairdresser Lisa Shepherd transform her salon”

As featured in The Kidderminster Shuttle earlier this year…..

A TERRIFYING illness has prompted an award-winning hairdresser to launch a low-sensory salon in Kidderminster.

Lisa Shepherd’s hugely successful career was almost cut short when she suffered a Tonic-Clonic seizure that affected her brain and left her physically unable to work in her own salon.

But she has used her frightening experience to radically transform her Mill Street salon into a low-sensory one and raise awareness of the issues sufferers can face.

The 46-year-old mother-of-two’s ordeal happened in December 2016 when the seizure caused convulsions and the loss of consciousness. As a result, she hit her head and suffered concussion which caused lasting damage to her vestibular system that helps with balance and spatial orientation. This 50 per cent damage caused a major disconnect between the brain, eyes and limbs and on top of that, she Lisa now suffers from light sensitive epilepsy.

Gurdip Thandi

Kidderminster Shuttle

Source: http://www.kidderminstershuttle.co.uk/news/local/15426470.Debilitating_illness_sees_acclaimed_Kidderminster_hairdresser_transform_her_salon/

Does your Post-Holiday Hair Need A Rescue?

Does your post-holiday hair need a rescue?

The colour of your hair may be pretty, but the condition will be parched!

“Holiday hair can have it’s good points & I quite like what the sun does to hair on the outside but on the inside the hair needs urgent TLC.” – Lisa Shepherd {aka The Hair Doctor}

Often, the sun will kiss the hairline, so we emphasise that more with delicate face framing colour, or we wash over glosses to increase shine that are both simple & affordable (as little as £30.00).

However, excess sun will have structurally pushed the hair so treatments or aftercare will be needed.

We offer a number of in-house treatments to fix your post-holiday hair in a heart beat. Call 01562 748833 to book your appointment & get some advice!

Pick me… Luke@LISA


Why should I do your hair?

With over 9 years’ experience in hair I’m totally devoted to my craft. I’m fun and chatty but also, I listen to every word my clients’ say to me. I see my job as being here to give you the best hair you’ve had but also to educate you on how to keep it that way. My method is to treat every clients’ visit as though it’s the first time they’ve ever been regardless of whether they’re an existing regular client or brand new, this way keeping you and your hair colour and style completely current and right for you and your lifestyle.

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Due to recent changes with health & safety guidance, we will now require a skin allergy test on every client who has:

  • Used Home Dye kits
  • Had COVID-19 since their last colour appointment
  • Never had a colour service with us before
  • Have a colour appointment coming up

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and further immunisations, there is potential that you could be more sensitive to certain ingredients and processes involved in professional salon colouring. These skin allergy tests are required 48hours before your appointment but no more than 5 days before. 

Failure to do this will unfortunately result in your appointment being rescheduled, which we of course don’t want after this long wait! We will not be able to perform a colour service if you have not had your allergy skin test recorded and checked by our team. 

We don't want to make this difficult, but our priority is your safety. To book in for your skin test when we are open, please book online.