Dreams do come true – The Hair Boss Launch

One of my BIGGEST achievements last year was the announcement and launch of The Hair Boss. This has been such a long time coming! I’ve worked on this for such a long time, i’m talking YEARS! I have almost launched something so many other times, yet something or someone stopped me along the way for various reasons!

I’ve always been led by my intuition and for me the brand is so much more than me! The team HAD to be right! I wanted a British team who are just as dedicated and passionate about haircare as I am! I feel i have always had the ability to see gaps in the market and this growing product range certainly was needed! The team I now have behind me are super reactive and knowledgeable enough to get the job done right and over and above all. These products and everything planned thereafter are FAB and all have a reason to be on a shelf – we have HUGE plans for this little brand so keep um peeled!

Products are currently being rolled out in Superdrug stores across the UK! Be sure to tag us in if you spot us on the shelves, or better still give us a go!

Head over to www.thehairboss.co.uk and sign up for product launch info, news and hair tips!

A beautiful 2019 with Balmain Hair UK

What an amazing year I had working with Balmain Hair UK! My first 6 months with the Balmain family has been FAB! They are such a tightly run team but with a BIG family feel, just how I like it! We’ve done some GREAT colour work together and we here on the salon floor are really starting to feel how their colour really differs! 2020 we have BIG things planned so watch this space #educate.

Here are some of my favourite moments, products and makeovers achieved with Balmain Hair in 2019. If this 6 months is just the start then i’m super excited to see what’s next!

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Achieving & Looking after Ice Blonde Hair

The request for ‘ice’ or ‘platinum blonde’ hair is on the up at the moment in the salon & we take our colour process very seriously to achieve a vibrant crystal white colour for our clients.

To achieve the icy blonde colour, one of our colour specialists will lighten all of the hair and then tone. We always try to be realistic with the colouring process and will advise the client on this process which can often take some patience to get to the finished look. It is also important to help maintain the condition of the hair outside of the salon and our stylists will always recommend products for you take home and help achieve this. We advise a take home range called Balmain Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner and often will advise the use of a mask which you can use 1-2 times a week to help strengthen the hair after the lightening process.

Lisa & all of the team absolutely LOVE working with the Illuminating White Pearl Shampoo by Balmain Paris Hair Couture, simply because it improves the clarity and tone of blonde hair and reduces those unwanted brassy tones. It also helps with the condition of your hair, as once your hair has been lightened the hair becomes weak.

Bleached blonde, grey or highlighted hair is high maintenance and does require regular touch ups. This shampoo is enriched with pure violet pigments which help refract the brassy colours you can often see and brightens the hair without making it grey.

We would always recommend using this product for any client who is blonde or lightening their hair colour.

Creating a Chic Party favourite with Balmain Hair UK

We absolutely love this time of year with everyone getting ready for the festive season, whether it be Christmas parties or new years eve – it’s all about the glitz and glam! We often get booked up with party hair up-do requests and big bouncy blow-drys and one of our favourite looks is something Chic and elegant.

A french twist style is something that we love to create and you can be really playful with how you finish this style to suit. The most important part of this style is the hair prep and using the right product for that hair type is crucial for a long-lasting look. When choosing the right products you need to consider what will give you the most volume, hold and texture which all add together to give the best long lasting effect.

As you know, we are huge advocates of the Balmain Paris Hair Couture products and they have the best range to suit the prep for a style like this when focusing on creating volume (Volume Mousse Strong), texture (Texturising Salt Spray) and hold (Session Spray strong).

4 Steps to Create this Effortless Chic Party Look


Step 1: Prep your hair with the Volume Mousse Strong and Texturising Salt Spray and blow-dry your hair as you would normally, this can be by hands only or with brushes. The aim to to get a big bounce and great volume, but keeping the tack and texture to the hair.

Step 2: When your hair is completely dry, tease the top of the hair roots to create more lift.  Brush the hair softly, smooth and create a loose ponytail.

Step 3: Twist your ponytail in an upwards motion and twist your hair until the twist is not visible anymore. Secure the hair with bobby pins and try to add some glitz and glam with a statement accessory clip.

Step 4: Ensure your hair lasts by fixing it with the Session Spray Strong product by Balmain Hair! It won’t go anywhere then all night long!

If you are looking to create something cute or chic for your upcoming parties, try and book in with us and leave feeling a million dollars!

Lisa xx

Lisa Loves… The Limited Edition Cosmetic Bag by Balmain

How COOL is this! I ADORE this seasons Limited Edition Cosmetic Bag for Fall / Winter 19. It is designed in shiny silver and inspired by the Fall / Winter Balmain collection. It is so Chic and bling – the perfect size for your handbag or a clutch accessory. The bag is packed with some of my fave Balmain products; the travel size Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner and it also comes with a shimmering silver pocket mirror.

It is so fab to have such gorgeous gifts to be able to offer our clients and at affordable prices. This is also the perfect way to #trybeforeyoubuy and everyone LOVES a bit of bling!

Lisa xx

Lisa Loves… The Luminous Blonde Summer Set by Balmain Hair UK

Do you feel that you need a bit of a lift or your blonde is feeling a little dull & not quite in need of colouring?

Look no further! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the Balmain Luminous Blonde Summer Set at the moment, it is GORGEOUS! This little duo set is a super simple solution to clean up your blonde & give it the lift it deserves.

If in between your colour appointments you are due a cut, that is the perfect time to treat yourself to this duo to reignite your blonde. It cleans it out, brightens it back up and stops that yuck brassiness from coming through.

The sun protection spray is an absolute must for me and is something that both Lola and I used when we were away this year. It smells divine but most importantly it just stops any crispy blonde! When you are away you have to keep your hair supple and moisturised and lots of people don’t want to use a cream so this being in a spray format is easy to apply and does what it says on the tin!

Defo a recommendation from me!

Lisa xx


Due to recent changes with health & safety guidance, we will now require a skin allergy test on every client who has:

  • Used Home Dye kits
  • Had COVID-19 since their last colour appointment
  • Never had a colour service with us before
  • Have a colour appointment coming up

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and further immunisations, there is potential that you could be more sensitive to certain ingredients and processes involved in professional salon colouring. These skin allergy tests are required 48hours before your appointment but no more than 5 days before. 

Failure to do this will unfortunately result in your appointment being rescheduled, which we of course don’t want after this long wait! We will not be able to perform a colour service if you have not had your allergy skin test recorded and checked by our team. 

We don't want to make this difficult, but our priority is your safety. To book in for your skin test when we are open, please book online.