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Does your post-holiday hair need a rescue?

The colour of your hair may be pretty, but the condition will be parched!

“Holiday hair can have it’s good points & I quite like what the sun does to hair on the outside but on the inside the hair needs urgent TLC.” – Lisa Shepherd {aka The Hair Doctor}

Often, the sun will kiss the hairline, so we emphasise that more with delicate face framing colour, or we wash over glosses to increase shine that are both simple & affordable (as little as £30.00).

However, excess sun will have structurally pushed the hair so treatments or aftercare will be needed.

We offer a number of in-house treatments to fix your post-holiday hair in a heart beat. Call 01562 748833 to book your appointment & get some advice!

BRONDE – The Ultimate sun-kissed look!

How do you get a perfect sun-kissed look for Spring / Summer?

BRONDE – It’s not blonde, it’s not brunette. It’s somewhere, sitting prettily, in the middle, fusing two colours to create the ultimate ‘sun-kissed’ end result!!

This offer is all about bronde, which is perfect for warming up a tired, winter complexion as we enter Spring 17. Bronde is universally flattering as your stylist can adjust the tone to warm up or cool down, depending on your skin tone.

“The key to achieving this colour is to have lots of your natural base colour showing through. A bronde shade works best on those with a natural base colour in the medium to light brown range, but can be made to work on dark blonde or dark brown hair.

Subtle shimmers of a lighter shade are then incorporated around your hairline and throughout the ends of your hair. Plus, it’s super low maintenance colour so it’s perfect for anyone who is a little colour shy or not able to get to the salon very often. Lisa xx””

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Be #Bronde & Beautiful

How to achieve thicker, fuller hair!

How to you achieve thicker, fuller hair? My sides never grow and my hair falls flat all the time after i have styled it?

Volumisers are a totally discrete, almost invisible way of ‘filling’ out your own hair!!

“Every celeb I’ve worked on has volumisers!! I couldn’t blow-dry my own hair as well without them. They’re easy to manage and give you that hair you’ve always wanted!!!’ Lisa xx”

From just 25 bonds to 100 it’s all determined by the look you want to achieve. This can be simply about thickness; it doesn’t have to be about length!

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Get your #DreamHair

How do I combat really dry hair?

My hair used to be soft and silky but recently I’ve noticed that it’s not only feeling dry but looking dry too!! What would you recommend I do to combat this?

Don’t be fooled…dry hair is not a hair type – it’s a problem that can be treated.

To solve the problem you first need to establish what is causing your hair to be dry; summer includes overexposure to the sun and swimming in chlorinated pools which can all dehydrate the hair and with the winter comes extreme cold weather followed by overheated homes which can leave the hair dry and parched.


Sulphate-free shampoos – these products are usually associated with coloured hair as sulphates fade colour, however, they also remove moisture, so make sure to always look for ‘sulphate-free’ on the bottles


Intensive, nourishing hair masks – at least once a week, after shampooing, towel-dry your hair and apply your mask. Leave on for a t least 10 minutes but the longer the better.

My #TopTip – I apply mine when doing the ironing, especially when ‘steaming’ the clothes, as any extra steam allows the heat to penetrate deeper into the hair thus fixing any dehydrated locks.